The Strange Ones

Growing up as a young girl and much to my mom’s horror, I desperately tried to keep up with my daredevil dad as he scaled rock sides on hikes, rode his bike through forest trails and sped down double-diamond ski runs. I prided myself in the fact that I could do what most boys loved to do and I wasn’t afraid of anything.

That feeling never really left me as I reached my teens. I got into snowboarding, picked up a skateboard during the dry season and started listening to aggressive music. The feeling of people staring at me and saying, “Woah, you’re good for a girl.” or “You listen to good music for a girl. never really felt like an insult but more of a badge of honor. I continued with that attitude into my early 20’s as I started training in mixed martial arts. I thrived in male dominated places and in some odd way, my femininity felt validated. I wanted to disprove every stereotype that a girl couldn’t do or like something. I wanted to stand out, I wanted to be strange, and I did.

There was one problem – I hated other females.

Because they either fit into that stereotype, which I viewed as weak, and if they didn’t, they were out to make me look bad. How could I stand out or be good for a girl if there were more girls around just like me? I was suddenly losing that badge, I was losing my identity.

A decade later, there are females everywhere working to break those stereotypes by doing what they love. But now instead of feeling threatened by them, I celebrate them, because guess what, THE MORE THE BETTER!

I decided to start this blog to pay tribute and highlight the many “strange” females out there who inspire me on a daily basis. When I use the word strange, I mean it in the best way possible – doing something extraordinary, unusual or just doing what they love. To me, this is truly what gives someone their identity; it’s what sets people apart from the rest.

Welcome to The Strange Ones! 

Kelsey xx

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