Thelma & Louise

You’ve always been crazy, this is just the first chance you’ve had to express yourself.-LOUISE SAWYER (THELMA & LOUISE)

What might be the ultimate girl-power movie, if you don’t have the urge to call up your best girlfriend, pack your shit up and quit your life after watching it, then you just might be the most apathetic person on earth.

Thelma and Louise embark on a journey together where several events end up shaping their character (and not to mention wardrobes). Starting out  as meek, repressed women with dead-end jobs and/or abusive husbands, they transform into rebellious, independent, strong females. Defying all the gender stereotypes, these two are my version of action-heroes.

I was about 11 years old when I watched it for the first time and I’ll never forget the feeling it left me. This was also when I first developed a crush on Brad Pitt. Although, I didn’t really grasp the whole concept on a larger scheme of things, I was just happy that they were standing up to the “bad guys” and I wanted to be like them – and no, not in an outlaw or hurl myself off the Grand Canyon kind of way. I still aspire to be like them,  aside from sporting red lipstick and denim vests, they are absolutely an inspiration for all “strange girls”.

Kelsey xx


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