The Many Mothers aka the Vuvalini (Mad Max: Fury Road)

I wasn’t all that familiar with Mad Max: Fury Road when it first came out, I didn’t understand all the hype surrounding it. I’m not usually one for crazy over-the-top action, testosterone-driven movies so I was hesitant to see it. It wasn’t until one of my close friends told me that it was hands-down the best movie she’d ever seen that I considered giving it a shot (ok…Tom Hardy influenced that decision too).

Amazing costumes and beautiful imagery/cinematography aside, I immediately fell in love with The Many Mothers aka The Vuvalini. Charlize Theron stumbles upon one of their traps in the desert and reveals herself as a daughter of one of the previous tribes women. At this point all you see are a bunch of leather-clad bikers looking mean in the distance. Then they reveal themselves and they’re these tiny cute old ladies. I think at this point I pretty much jumped out of my seat and squealed. A little old-lady gang, roaming around on bikes, being badass warriors and having each others backs, there’s nothing cooler than that! I found myself cheering for them out-loud throughout the movie.

Then I started reading up on them online and discovered these old women actually performed all their own stunts.

I now have a new goal in life for when I’m old and have outlived my husband.

Kelsey xx

2 thoughts on “The Many Mothers aka the Vuvalini (Mad Max: Fury Road)

  1. Hi there, where did you find the photo in the middle of this post? I’m looking for a higher-res copy of it, because they’re awesome!

    Thanks in advance đŸ™‚


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