Welcome to the Dollhouse

Thanks to Chucky and Annabelle, the thought of decrepit antique dolls might scare most people. However, “creepy dolls” have always had the opposite effect on me. I don’t know why but for some reason they have always given me a comforting, calming feeling.


When I was a little, my mom gifted me her childhood doll, Jimmy. Jimmy is the classic definition of a doll that would haunt your dreams. He’s got those sleepy, glassy blinking blue eyes that follow you around the room. His face, which I’m sure once had rosy cheeks, now is a sickly grey hue. His little bow mouth painted red, now cracked and faded. But I loved Jimmy. I loved him because it felt so special that my mom would gift him to me, knowing that she used to cherish him when she was a little girl. I promised to take care of him and I played with him, favoring him over my Cabbage Patch Kids.

I’m now 36 years old and I still have Jimmy. Over the years, I have added a few more “creepy dolls” to keep him company. Sadly I had to get rid of some because my husband didn’t want them in the house (lol). I look at Jimmy now and dolls similar to him and it’s almost like I am mourning a childhood lost. I want to take care and appreciate all of them. I want to know who their owners were, what happened to them and what they named their dolls. They may be creepy to some but they’ll always be endearing to me and much to my husband and my friends’ dismay, they will always somehow find their way into the decor of my home.

And because this blog is all about design inspiration, here are several ways you can display antique dolls in your home:

Put it under glass

Images by SFgirlbybay | Un Coeur en Provence

The safest way to display your smaller dolls is to put them under a glass jar/dome and have them displayed on a mantel or shelf among your other decorations. And as my friend once warned me, “Should the glass break, burn your house down.”

Or don’t put it under glass

 Images by Amazing House Design | The Strange Ones

There’s nothing wrong with letting them be free. Rest your doll a top a stack of books or next to some artwork (& the sage to burn away the bad juju).

Give it some new life

Images by The Carnivore Girl@ArizonaPottery

I’ve seen a lot of this on Pinterest and to me this is by far the creepiest, most morbid way to display dolls. I’m not against it but it also means that you’d have to chop the poor baby’s head off to stuff it with dirt.

Create some wall art

Images by unknown

This also requires some butchering but I actually really like this collage-style art. I could definitely see this put in a shadowbox frame and hung up on the wall.

Go nuts

Images by Keith Scott Morton via Hooked on Houses | Tutika by Noa via  Etsy

Or you could just embrace your freaky self and do whatever you want such as scattering them all over your china cabinet among your kitchenware. Or hack it up and glue it to whatever you want to create your own ornament.

Have I convinced you to welcome a little buddy to adorn your own home yet?