Don’t Call it a Comeback

Much like all trends, interior decor trends come in hot and heavy until you start seeing it e-ve-ry-where. It gets to the point that you’re so sick of seeing it that you want to burn everything you own and completely redecorate your home…but with what? At this point, you’re not even sure what you like or what you’re into anymore. Sound familiar?

The thought of palm-leaf prints, rose gold everything, all-white rooms or “jungalow” style is really starting to bore me. I’m not knocking these trends, I def succumbed to some of them and I still appreciate them, but I’m craving something new. As most people will notice, usually when any trend changes whether it be fashion or decor, it usually goes the complete opposite direction (ex. skinny jeans to wide legged-pants). And while I’m no style guru, I’m currently very inspired by the Art Deco movement, obsessed with emerald green & blush combo, and one thing that never left my side was a love for antiques.  

So if I were to burn everything I own and redecorate, I would incorporate a lot more dark, rich colours – think gemstones, like emerald green, ruby red/maroons, amber yellow, deep purples/plum, etc. Luxe fabrics like velvet, interesting shapes on furniture and gold fixtures, beautiful art deco patterns for textiles and wallpapers, and trade in the mid-century furniture for antiques.

If you want to get a sense of what I’m talking about, check-out some of these inspo pics:

Green scalloped velvet chairs  Atelier Gustavo Bittencourt |DIY Art Deco inspired dresser The Poppy Talk

Art Deco living room Design Inspiration | Hanging waterfall chandeliers Benita Loca

Japanese Art Deco chandelier Homes to Love | Wallpaper Papermint

Green velvet headboard Vogue UK | Crane pillow Cloth & Company

Tulip wallpaper via Pinterest | Gold fixtures Living Gazette

What do you think, would you be willing to embrace Art Deco into your house decor? What aspects do you hate/love?