The Strange Ones is a style blog showcasing the unconventional and moodier side of design. Focusing primarily on interior decor and design but finding inspiration in all things in the realm of the arts that just so happen to be a little strange.


My name is Kelsey Yates and I live in Vancouver, BC with my husband & two pugs. My love for design started at a very young age. Growing up on the east coast of Canada, our family took many trips throughout the New England area which is known for its Colonial past, including the presence of beautiful and monstrous historical homes. On our family vacations, we would usually stay at a Victorian Bed & Breakfast or be camping. The best part about camping was when it rained. Rain meant packing the car up and spending our day doing tours of giant mansions. I learned to appreciate design from the past and would constantly daydream of living in my very own mansion, picturing how I would decorate it. I was an avid drawer and spent a lot of time sketching houses and designing their interiors, laying out floor plans. As far as decorating, I started with my bedroom. My mom was gracious enough to let me paint the walls yellow and put up a few tasteful Renoir posters that matched quite well with the antiques in my room. Then I changed the walls an eggplant purple and plastered them with punk/hardcore & metal posters. I also took over the main floor bathroom and painted it lime green. I was never afraid of taking design risks and mixing things that normally wouldn’t go together. Even though I maybe had some odd design choices, I always received compliments on how well put-together it looked. 

As I got older, I started gravitating more towards Graphic Design and eventually started working in the Marketing & Communications field for several corporate companies. Feeling utterly dissatisfied, I became lost, yearning for a real change. My love for interior design had never left, I was still getting so much joy from painting my apartment wild colors, putting up crazy patterned wallpaper and doing it all over again a few years later, but to me that was just a hobby. Also being a huge sufferer of the ‘impostor syndrome’, it never occurred to me that this was something I could be doing as a career. I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by so many creative and inspirational people that believe in me and have been giving me constant encouragement throughout the years to go after my passion. It’s taken a while to sink in and actually believe in myself but I recently took the leap and signed up for official Interior Design training. This isn’t a success story (yet), this is just the beginning and I hope you’ll stick around for a while, join me on my journey and see what inspires me!


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